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SideBar control

SideBar control permitts to create slide panels like in Visual Studio.
Panels are pinnable and change persists after postback.

How to use it
<myajaxToolkit:SideBar runat="server" id="SideMenu"
    SideBarWidth="36px" PanelsWidth="250px"
    ActivePanelIndex="0" Height="200px"
    <myajaxToolkit:SidePanel runat="server" ID="SidePanel1" PanelText="Primo"
            <div style="margin:10px;border:solid 1px red;">
            This is first panel
    <myajaxToolkit:SidePanel runat="server" ID="SidePanel2" PanelText="Secondo"
             This is second panel

SideBar Properties
  • CssClass - A css class override used to define a custom look and feel for the sidebar
  • PinnedImage - Image url for pinned image
  • UnpinnedImage - Image url for unpinned image
  • ActivePanelIndex - The first panel to show
  • SideBarWidth - sets the width of the sidebar
  • CaptionHeight - sets the heigth of the caption in the container
  • AutoHide - sets if the sidebar is pinned or not
  • PanelsWidth - sets the width of tthe body for panels
  • HideDelay - time delay to hide the panel shown

SidePanel Properties
  • OnClientActivePanelChanged - The name of a javascript function to attach to the client-side when a the active panel changed
  • OnClientAutoHideChanged - The name of a javascript function to attach to the client-side when a the autohide property changed
  • PanelText - The text to display in the panel caption
  • PanelImage - The image to display in the sidebar
  • ContentTemplate - A TemplateInstance.Single ITemplate to use to render the panel content

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